Faces of the Dead

From the NY Times:

Each United States service member who has died in Iraq and been identified by the Defense Department is represented by a small square to the right. The squares are ordered by date of death, with the most recent deaths appearing in the upper left corner.

Learn about the individuals by clicking on any square to see information about that person.

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  1. My friend from high school has his little sister posted here. Her name was Hannah Gunterman-McKinney and she died in Iraq. Back in September she was ran over by an American jeep in the middle of the night on her base. She was only 6 months from her return date and the people who hit her were never found. The worst part of the whole thing was that she lay there for several hours before someone found her crumpled in a tiny heap. She was all of 20 years old when she was killed. I remember Hannah from when I was a kid. She was like 12 when I was friends with her brother. RIP Hannah

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