1. Okay, that’s a place I have to visit, before they don’t let people do that anymore, as has happened to so many of my favorite places/activities over the years.

    My favorite bit was in the last video where the guys were holding on to the fence getting blown out horizontally, like a cartoon. 🙂

    I wonder if anyone has every landed short on that approach.

  2. My friend who lives on st. maarten tells me there have been a couple of times when 747’s (who need all the landing space they can get on that short runway) Have clipped that fence you see in the vid with their landing gear. Imagine standing there and getting clocked by a 747!

  3. I’ve been there many times. The bar next to that beach pics up radio from the incoming planes so you know when they are coming. It’s a pretty cool spot. Also, topless girls drink free at that bar. Welcome to Sint Maarten!

  4. The runway in Gibraltar is like that too, but it’s long enough that they don’t need to use all of it.

    A couple of Tornados took off when we were there (long time ago, I was little) right over our heads – but the thing with that was that we weren’t watching and we were below the level of the runway so didn’t hear them coming. First I knew about it they were right there, 100ft above us with all the volume that that entails. Great fun!

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