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Day December 28, 2006


I dunno.

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Noka Chocolate Expose

A ten part article on Noka
, a chocolatier that makes the most expensive chocolates in the world.

With that said, the least charitable approach in assessing the value of Noka’s chocolates would be to focus on the 4-piece “Vintages Collection” in the “Signature Box.” For those who are curious, the price for that is $39. That’s $9.75 per piece. Each chocolate tablet weighs approximately seventy-five one-thousandths of an ounce. (They’re no longer than a quarter’s diameter and no wider than a nickel’s, as you can see here.) So, at that rate, one pound of Noka’s chocolate tablets would cost about $2,080.

The most charitable approach would be to look solely at the 96-piece “Vintages Collection” in the “Encore Box.” That’ll run you $139, or $1.45 per piece. Each piece weighs approximately seventy-five one-thousandths of an ounce. So the cheapest retail rate you’re going to get for Noka chocolates is about $309 per pound.

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