50 Greatest Cartoons

Cityrag just made the friday before christmas weekend even more unproductive for us.

Found a cool list of The 50 Greatest Cartoons as voted on by the animation industry in 1994. As a holiday present to our readers we’ve put together a link to an online video for each one below! (we found a video for all but 6.) So many wonderful, funny and trippy cartoons spanning the decades (including some that were banned.)

(via Boing Boing)

  • McGee

    Looney Tunes really, really, really bore me.

  • chuckawucka

    Well, I must admit that the first cartoon “What’s Opera, Doc?” is one that I really like.

    But to have just these cartoons make the 50 greatest list? I think they should’ve ammended the title of the list and made it into something like “50 Greatest American Cartoons”. Because, if you think about it, they’re really all cartoons made in America, judged upon by the (again) american cartoon industry.

    Cartoons were being made in many places in 1994 – for example, dare we mention ‘Japan’? I believe that if this inherently narrow selection pool were expanded to more wholly represent the actual industy, many of these films listed would not remain.

  • Awww!!! “Gertie the Dinosaur” is adorable!

  • pvc

    This one’s really wild.

    What did they take in 1931 to come up with stuff like this???

  • yragentman

    funny thing, no Walter Lantz (Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy). Chilly Willy had some very funny toons. See, “Legend of Rock-a-bye Point”.

    Har har.

  • McGee

    Anime should never, ever, ever be entered into the equation when it comes to top animation. Well, almost never.