1. Kind of like “watching” the first half of the God Delusion.

    Good stuff!

    (although who ever’s idea it was to make the weird electric sounds and quick close ups needs to be properly smacked about the head)

  2. Ahhh, beautiful, logical sense.

    I saw a programme earlier this year and it briefly explained the ‘brain growth’ idea in a bit more detail. It was based on muscle tissue that used to stretch from the top of our jaw and up the side of our face, (to the top of our skulls). Over time we lost this muscle due to different foods and eating habits, (I guess we found food easier to chew). With this muscle getting weaker it allowed the brain to expand. It sounds strange, but this is believed to be solid theory.

    Does anyone else think that humans are doomed by the very fact that we are so evolved? That human intervention is our downfall?

    The ‘freedom from nature’s rules’ is a great way of thinking about it though. As though we’re on another level to other animals.

  3. Dawkins is starting to get annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with everything the man says but he’s everywhere now. When I watch his videos I suddenly feel like I’m back in church listening to a sermon.

    meh, what can I do? C’est la vie.

  4. I like Dawkins and agree with alot of what he says but I’m never going to say my gramps was an ape. Although I can’t say the same for others.Lol

  5. I thought he might say something that occurred to me about 20 years ago; that the purpose of life was to figure out how we got to the point to where we could figure out how we got to the point to where we could figure out…

  6. Thank you for the posting. The next (r)evolution will be robots. Artificial intelligence will become Real intelligence with human thoughts & programming (brain?) at its core. Their advantage will be the ability to shed our flesh & bones to withstand the environment. Just a thought . . .

    On a side note, the person who did the special effects sounds for closeups forgot to evolve.

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