Banning “the N-word”

From NoGodBlog:

This is stupid, and totally off topic (and my opinion), but I’m going to vent about it anyway.

Nigger is a word. Like kike and chink and faggot, it’s a word of hate and ignorance. But it’s just a word.

I’m just sickened by the concept that some people are trying to “wipe the word out” by stopping people from using it. It’s a stupid idea that will never succeed. And it shouldn’t.

Listen, world, banning a word won’t defeat prejudice, it will worsen it. It will send it underground and breed a segregationistic attitude. If people use it in a hateful context (a la Michael Richards), you learn something about that person, an improtant detail about the user’s attitude. If people censor the word, you lose that identifier.