1. Oh, he wasn’t bitter was he?

    Thanks for all the beetle-browed no-necks who generation in and generation out never learn the meaning of ‘rich man’s war, poor man’s fight.’

  2. Thanks be to God we live in a free country, unlike America.
    And thank goodness Mr Burroughs did not live to see his country and its principles in such disarray.

  3. William S. Burroughs was a Heroin addict and the wealthy grandson of the founder of the Burroughs Adding Machine company. He was a regular heroin user for over a decade, and dependent on opioids almost continually from his first habit in the forties until his death. During the mid-eighties, Burroughs got on methadone maintenance. He remained so until he died. He took many ‘cures’ but relapsed quickly each time – his opioid abstinent periods were very brief. Most famously, Burroughs wrote Junkie (1953) and Naked Lunch (1959). In the preface of Junkie, Burroughs writes “I have never regretted my experience with drugs.” However, his account of narcotic addiction is unlikely to tempt the drug-naive reader into self-experimentation.
    He was hardly an icon for common scense and rational thinking. Just another member of the Cynical C Mule Train of Heroes.

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