What Are Prince Charles’s Medals For?

From BBC News:

Prince Charles has risen to four star rank in the armed services this week, but what are all his medals for?

The Prince of Wales has just turned 58, an occasion marked by rising to four-star rank in each of the armed services – a general in the Army, admiral in the Navy and air chief marshall in the RAF, further adding to the breast-full of medals he wears with his military uniforms.

But Prince Charles last saw active service – rather than his honorary or ceremonial roles – 30 years ago. After training in the early 1970s, he served in the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, culminating in 1976 as captain of coastal minesweeper HMS Bronington.

So what are his collection of 31 decorations for?

(via A Welsh View)


  1. It is an absolute disgrace & an insult to all these brave veterans proudly wearing their justly earned medals, to have that useless excuse for a man, Charles,there wearing a chest-full of “medals”.
    The only ‘active service’ he has seen has been chasing his right royal tart Camilla round the bedroom.
    Why was the Queen not there? These men are old & many will not be there for the next meeting.
    There is no excuse for her not being there unless she was ill, then Prince Andrew should have taken her place, not this useless adulterer.

  2. With reference to the above, I have just seen a photo of the Queen at the horse race at Epsom Derby which she attended yesterday, instead of going where she should have been (& where it was her DUTY to be) ie: to the 65th D-Day Rememberance Ceremony.
    It is quite amazing that this woman could pass up such an important day and go to the RACES!!
    This totally sums her up for me, & it made me very sad to see how upset the Veterans were, especially one man who could hardly speak as he was so upset.
    What a way to show her gratitude! What an example!
    Well, I would like to say to them all, THANK YOU.
    My father was in France in 1939 (aged 26) 2nd Air Formation Signals A.A.S.F. B.E.F.& in O.C.T.U.
    Middle East in 1944 also in Italy, he didn’t come home til 1945 then returned to help clear the mine fields. Sadly he died of cancer in 1990 or he would have been at this D-Day ceremony.

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