1. IIRC, part of the suit he was wearing caught on something and stopped him a few inches from the turbine blades. The force was so much that it still manged to rip off the helmet strapped to his head, which is the debris you see coming from the engine.

  2. Thanks D, for the “backstory”. Nice to know
    God was holding on to his foot. Had he been
    sliced and diced, I’m sure nobody would have
    blamed God, of course.

  3. There’s no way he survived that. The “survivor” is a random soldier who is either (a) injured in an unrelated incident, or (b) bandaged up to appear injured but is not. The truth of the accident would be bad for publicity and recruitment.

  4. TRUTH – the man only lived because there was a screen between him and the blades of the engine, I know this because I worked for a major airline and they showed this video to us.
    I was in ground operations and it could happend to anyone that works ground operations.
    The power from an engine is so powerful you must stay “oh some many feet” away from it until it comes to a complete stop, it is called “the suck zone”, no kidding.

  5. I wouldn’t have believed you, given that every reference I’ve ever seen fails to mention it, every jet engine I’ve ever seen doesn’t have a screen and that it makes no sense in terms of airflow… but luckily you put the magic ‘TRUTH’ marker at the front, and I was powerless to doubt.

  6. As a former AF flightline worker, we were taught that death was quite possible thru decompression. You get trapped in there, and it isn’t the blades you have to worry about, but your lungs being slammed shut by negative pressure going by your body. I don’t know if I have the science of that right, but that’s what we were taught…

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