1. In some ways, I dislike Libertarians more than right wing conservatives. I take a very paternalistic view of government’s rols and place little hope in the average citizen making informed descisions with a reasonable degree of objectivity for two reasons. One, we are saturated with media ads that can convince average people to believe almost anything and two, we are usually oblivious to how good some of the really effective government programs actually are. I remember the Libertarian mantra about how we could fix the budget problems if everyone would just “give up their favorite government program”. That was a real campaign slogan. What about the food and drug administration?? What about the post office?? The FDA and the USPS are my favorite programs and I would not consider America to be a developed and civlized country if we did not have them. Millions of lives have been saved by the FDA’s agricultural safety standards. I have lived in countries that did not have effective postal systems, like Kuwait, Iraq and Romania. A Libertarian to me is just a fiscal conservative or a survivalist who does nothing out of support for things they believe in and everything out of distaste for things they do not believe. Government programs should play a bigger role in our lives, not an even more diminished one.

  2. for one, the USPS is not even a government program anymore it was made a private company a while ago and two, kelly is an idiot and right wing conservatives ar ethe most rediculas people in the world.

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