1. Spekatie,

    You took the words right outta my mouth. That was the exact same thing I was thinking.

    Amazing to me that it’s people from the same right-wing camp that last season (and apparently it’s going to happen this season too) demand that we wish them a Merry Christmas (instead of something more inclusive like “Happy Holidays”) who are now apparently doing their homework to find out, “Hey, whaddya know? Apparently these holidays are *gasp* PAGAN!!!” Googling Christmas would have told them that.

    The level of idiocy is unbelievable.

  2. I agree completely. I do not believe in that rubbish (God), but I do celebrate Christmas. It’s the one time of year where almost all of my old friends migrate on these metal flying blankets toward the snowy north. We get together and warm up over the shots of Jagermeister and tap beer while telling stories of debauchery and sacrilegious tendencies from around the world. Santa would be proud.

    And might I add, blinking lights ARE seductive. Mmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Christmas is the absolute best holiday ever. It brings the feelings of love in the air. All the lights especially on a snowy night add to the romance of it. Nothing in the world will make me give up Christmas. And I don’t believe in God

    I swear though, there is no one dumber than those retarded evangelists. Sometimes I want to just shoot them in the face.

  4. I find it spooky how they, rightfully so, identify Christmas and Easter as “pagan holidays originating from a false religious belief and yet they fail to take that one final step to realize that their own religion is every bit as contrived and phoney as the ones they are trying to debunk. The statement “kids are going to figure out that there is no Santa” works just as well when the words “God” and “spitit of Christ” are inserted in lieu of Santa. Christmas is fun BECAUSE it is a pagan holiday that is full of usually nice actions by people towards one another. As a life-long atheist from an atheist family, I still have fond memories of most of my Christmases and think it’s a great holiday for all to enjoy. That is why I would have no problem saying “Merry Christmas” to a Jewish or Muslim friend or co-worker. I am obviously not observing this holiday for any religious reason and these people know it. If there is one thing I might change about Christmas it is the obviously Christ-based name. Let’s go back to calling it Saturnalia (it’s true name). Saturn is as valid a god as the god of Abraham to me (in fact more so since at least I can see saturn with my own eyes).

    And remember folks, you only have to swap the places of two letters to turn “Santa” into “Satan”. Happy Saturnalia y’all!

  5. I always called it “Jul.” Still do. I grew up calling it that — Jul. 24th would be Juleaften — Jule evening, or Christmas evening. I think that’d be a good idea for other people too.

    God Jul.

    But yeah, Halloween is a way better thing, tho. Unless you combine it with Jul, and you know, go Julebokk instead of that trick and treating stuff.

  6. Anybody familiar with spectator theory in art/pop culture? Idea is basically that it does not matter what the artist intention was/is in creating what they created so much as how the spectator makes/interprets the creation that matters. As the saying goes the road to hell (no pun intended) was paved with good intentions.

    This also carries elements of whisper down the lane i.e. people listen and incorporate what these morons are saying into their existences as their reality.

    So in summation this is one friggin scary video IMO.

  7. There are several christian sects that won’t celebrate holidays – Christmas, and birthdays included. There is old testament scripture forbidding hanging “suns” or bulbs on trees, “as the pagans do”.
    I am a christian, and frankly,

    happy holidays, one and all

  8. I was raised Fundamentalist Southern Baptist so I have actually heard all of this stuff before. My family wasn’t as rigid on it as the church we were members of, so I was able to enjoy Christmas, Easter, etc. I still caught flak from my teachers and fellow students though. They were such a bunch of kill-joys.

    Anyway the Bible does have a verse talking about chopping down trees and decorating them. It’s Jeremiah 10…something. But if you read the passages before and after it, to me anyway, it seems like they are talking about carving statues out of trees and plating them with gold. Not cutting trees down and decorating them. The whole book is about idolatry and worshiping graven images.

    God does command his followers to keep His holy days, but he doesn’t say not to party on regular days at your own choosing. Speaking of His holy days, when extactly have these fundamentalist Christians actually observed the Feast of Unleavened Bread or how about the Observe the Feasts of First Fruits and the Feasts of Ingathering? These actually ARE the days God considers holy – but not one Christian I know of celebrates them.

    They are a bunch of Hypocrites!

  9. One of my coworkers once told me that his Church celebrates “Harvest” on Halloween to give the kids something alternative to do that doesn’t involve celebrating the pagan holiday. I got into a discussion with him about how you would never know it was pagan if someone hadn’t told you and asking strangers for candy while dressed as a superhero has nothing to do with worshipping the devil, yada yada… I could tell it wasn’t getting through to him so I tried another approach.
    I ask him, “If someone came to you tomorrow with indisputable evidence that satanic rituals involved drinking orange juice that represents the bood of satan, would you stop drinking orange juice? Once you know what it represented, could you continue to drink it?”
    Holidays/rituals/ceremonies, they are what you make of them. That’s all there is to it.

  10. These people think Harry Potter is evil and that black cats should be skinned.

    They’re friggin’ lunatics. Oh, and I think Europe got what it deserved with the bubonic plague – one of the reasons it proliferated was because of church-sanctioned massacres of cats, who weren’t there to feast on the rats, who just so happened to spread the plague….

  11. Well, I am a Pagan.

    If the fundies do not want to celebrate Yule or Ostara that is fine with me. I just wish they were not so hypercritical and/or sanctimonious about *everything*

  12. I was waiting for the gold- & silver-clad Knight of Commercialism to bust through the wall and start screaming things like “How dare you prevent companies from making money off the reputation of religion! What are you, some kind of communist?!”

  13. It’s amusing that christians dismiss anything that might be called “pagan”. Christianity is just mythology. Worse, it’s mythology that’s used to manipulate the people and the government, and is used as a tool for hatred.

    I’m glad christianity is moving toward the irrational extremes these days. As irritating as it is, it will at least show sensible christians what a huge mistake they’ve been making.

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