Woman Upset With Digg


I’m not sure how many people read this but I don’t know what else to do! Someone recently posted a private folder from our other website to Digg and caused our host to kick us off! Those of you who have been reading know we are trying to make money posting blogs to this site and the other one and now the whole thing is screwed up. Not only that our host says we owe them $485 for using too many resources or something. How can they do this?

The worst part of all this is the folder that was posted on Digg had our personal images we had taken off our camera and forgot to delete. There were pictures of me in the shower, and (this is so embarassing but those who paid us need an explanation) a few pictures Tim took of me while I was using the bathroom. Who knows how many people saved these to their hard drive before the site went down.

I have since taken all of my pictures offline but if you remember what I look like please email me asap if you see any pictures of me being posted anywhere. I am going to sue every person that posts these as well as the malicious Digg user who thought it would be funny to let the world see images that were meant for OUR EYES ONLY. I am not sure but I am asking the lawyer that is friends with my cousin if we can go after the people that viewed these. It clearly stated that it was a private folder of stolen pictures so I’m sure it’s illegal for anyone to look at them.

Please do not Digg this article. While we have 5 gigs per month here (plenty to handle those pesky Digg users) I do not want anymore trouble out of them. If you are a member of Digg and are reading this tell your damn friends that I will find them and take them to court for messing with me. I have cried all day because there are people probably seeing me naked right now and that is meant for my husband only! My brother works for the FBI on computer crimes and he can find you even if you use a proxy so don’t even try it! If you have pictures taken from my site you better get them off of your computer fast!

(and no, I couldn’t find the pics)

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Nobody seems to be able to find the original Digg post so this probably is some sort of hoax.