Famous Painters Copied Photopraphs

From Fogonazos:

No invention of the Industrial Revolution influenced Impressionism more than the camera. Most of the Impressionists had cameras and experimented with their new images. Photography inspired impressionists to capture the moment, but did you know that some of the most famous paintings of Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec or Paul Gauguin were inspired on an original photograph?

Americans should be proud

From The Guardian’s Comment is Free:

The ugly American mark two is dead. Overnight six years of glib European identification of “American” with right-wing fundamentalism is over. The gun-toting, pre-Darwinian Bushite, the Tomahawk-wielding, Halliburton-loving, Beltway neo-con, damning abortion as murder and torturing Islamo-fascists has been lain to rest, and by a decision of the American people. Americans should be proud and the world should take note.

Bush’s Hell Starts Today

From The Telegraph:

After snatching the House with the closest thing to a crushing mandate ever likely in a system biased in favour of the incumbents, the Democrats now have their hands on the investigative machinery of Capitol Hill.

They can hire lawyers and detectives; they can subpoena documents and compel witnesses to testify under oath; they can mount show trials – or indeed real trials – subjecting their enemies to torment under the glaring klieg lights of the world media.

This is a powerful weapon, as Bill Clinton learned when Newt Gringrich stormed the House in 1994, breaking the half-century stranglehold of the Democrats. Newt’s Republicans did not rest until they had impeached the president for perjury and abuse of office in the Paula Jones/Lewinsky saga – even if the meaker Senate later opted for acquittal.

It is an even more powerful weapon in the hands of the Democrats, who can broadly count on supporting fire from the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, Newsweek, Time, and the big three TV networks – mostly Beltway liberals by cultural instinct. It was this Congressional-media synergy that gave Watergate its extra bite, dooming Richard Nixon.

If the top echelons of the Bush administration have done anything wrong over the last six years in power, they can now expect to see every vile detail exposed in one of those menacing wood-pannelled chambers on the Hill.