Poland and Evolution

From Spiegel:

Poland’s deputy education minister has called for Polish schools to ditch Darwinism in favor of creationism. His party is also well known for gay bashing and for wanting to introduce the death penalty.

Where do we come from? It’s a question that has been dogging mankind since … well, since when? Since man was created? Or since man climbed down from the trees? Poland’s deputy education minister Miroslaw Orzechowski thinks he knows, and he wants Polish schoolchildren to know too.

Orzechowski is intent on keeping Darwinism from falling into the wrong heads. In a recent interview, he commented that it was “sad” that the “lie” of the evolution theories of Charles Darwin were being taught in Polish schools, and called for a debate on whether Darwin’s theories should be purged from the school curriculum.

Orzechowski’s position is not totally surprising. The minister belongs to the ultra-Catholic rightwing party the League of Polish Families (LPR), a junior partner in Poland’s conservative government. Other European governments have been alarmed by the LPR’s campaigns against gay rights, their purported anti-Semitism, their support for an abortion ban, and their calls for a re-introduction of the death penalty (something which would be illegal under European Union law).

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  1. McGee: evolution (meaning “living world changes over time”) is a fact of life, THAT even the morons you mention can’t deny. What molecular evidence supports, though, is Darwin’s theory, which is a set of concepts that explains HOW evolution happens.

  2. Pathetic, but fortunately it’s doubtful they’ll make it. Poland would hate to be left out of the EU because of this. Let’s just hope their senior governmental partners are quicker to realise this.

  3. ??? “every country claiming entry into the civilized world goes through that…” Not to worry, the same ideas seem to do just fine in the so-called civilized world.

    A country that has the death penalty (ok, in parts of the ctry), whose government promotes Intelligent Design and hates gay people…. let me think…

    same sh*t everywhere, people. It just *seems* scarier if it’s someone else doing it, rather than oneself.

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