1. I worried that when cable TV became common that it would eliminate the old UHF stations I remember so fondly from my childhood. In cast you’re too young to remember, UHF stations had a lot linger range than the standard channels 2-12 on the VHF dial, which were generally the major network’s stations, but UHF was more susceptible to radio and sun spot interference. Basically, UHF stations were cheap to be on to the point that you could do a show on just about anything. Budgets and production values were super low but sometimes you saw hillarious things on UHF. Now, thanks to the miracle of public access cable channels, this little time capsule of UHF quality survives. I always thought Wayne’s World, the SNL skit about 2 metal heads with their own cable access show, was a lame skit even though it spawned two movies. The reason why Wayne’s World was lame is that it was nowhere near as humerously bad as a cable access skit as this guy’s serious gig. I hope he gets some kind of a cult following. I like the fact that most of his callers just want to shout out profanity on the phone. Also, the camera work is really cutting edge. I don’t know what award his camera man should receive. An emmy, since it is a TV show, or perhaps a Peabody since it has a journalistic aire with his home audience call-ins. I think it would have been even better if he were running, taking calls, painting, making blended drinks and undergoing a prostate exam all at the same time. Now that’s entertainment.

  2. Man, is this some kind of solution this man found as an alternative to suicide? Did he constantly struggle with his weight, lack of creative accomplishments and the diminishing amount of time he had left in his insofar disappointing life? either way, this is incredible. Honestly, this is could be the greatest thing. Not on television, not on the internet, not ever. Simply: The greatest thing.

  3. dude… this guy just gave me the biggest boost in self-esteem… his dedication to his creativity, and everyone else’s creative input was inspiring and awesome.

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