How’d They Get People to be in the Borat Movie?

From Slate:

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is set to open in two weeks. The comedy follows a fictional Central Asian journalist who travels across the United States and interviews real people. Several of the film’s unsuspecting stars have come forward recently to say they got duped into participating in the mockumentary. Most say they never read the fine print on the release forms they signed. What kind of releases are they?


  1. Just saw the movie and while good IMO the true genius of Borat did not fully translate into an 85 minute movie. I of course still highly reccommend seeing it as its way better the 99% of the other crao out there.

  2. My friends and I have been excitedly waiting for this movie atleast since last spring.
    Now we discover that the closest theater showing the Borat movie in nearly 2 hours away! I guess we won’t see it in theaters after all.

  3. Going to see it in an hour. As much as I’m happy to see people looking stupid on a big screen I’m secretly happy it wasn’t me being fooled… It’s not like I know anything about Kazakh culture (although I speak Hebrew, and much of his Kazakh is just Gibberish mixed with Hebrew).

  4. I saw the movie Friday night. I must say it was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. The naked fight in the hotel was hilarious!

  5. Baron Cohen’s a master of tricking people into being his targets. As his other famos personna, Ali G, demonstrates with his “interviews”. He has duped some very emminent people into coming on. He once had Newt Gingrich in the interview chair as asked him “why is your head so big in proportion to your body”. Another time he had a high ranking justice department official on the show and asked him “do you support tougher sentences for suicide bombers?”. Seems that none of these people’s booking agents bother to see who Ali G really is before booking their client for the interview. The guy’s great.

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