Comedy Central back on YouTube


After a brief moratorium, YouTube is once again a leading source for fake news.

Thousands of clips from the Daily Show and the Colbert Report reappeared on the video site Tuesday after being yanked over the weekend due to a copyright complaint from Viacom, Comedy Central’s parent company.

Full episodes of the programs, on the other hand, were no longer available through the site.

The Russian Reversal

There’s a name for this?

Russian reversal is a type of joke by Yakov Smirnoff which frequently appears in many online communities, in particular Slashdot. The general form of the Soviet Russia joke is that the subject and objects of a statement are reversed, and “In Soviet Russia,” or something equivalent, is added. For example:

In the US, you can catch a cold.
In Soviet Russia, cold catches YOU!!

(via Kottke)

A Satellite Orbiting Earth is Learning to Think for Itself

From Redorbit:

A satellite orbiting Earth is learning to think for itself. This artificial intelligence offers a powerful new way to study Earth, and it may prove useful on other planets, too.

The Indonesian volcano Talang on the island of Sumatra had been dormant for centuries when, in April 2005, it suddenly rumbled to life. A plume of smoke rose 1000 meters high and nearby villages were covered in ash. Fearing a major eruption, local authorities began evacuating 40,000 people. UN officials, meanwhile, issued a call for help: Volcanologists should begin monitoring Talang at once.

Little did they know, high above Earth, a small satellite was already watching the volcano. No one told it to. EO-1 (short for “Earth Observing 1”) noticed the warning signs and started monitoring Talang on its own.

Indeed, by the time many volcanologists were reading their emails from the UN, “EO-1 already had data,” says Steve Chien, leader of JPL’s Artificial Intelligence Group.

EO-1 is a new breed of satellite that can think for itself. “We programmed it to notice things that change (like the plume of a volcano) and take appropriate action,” Chien explains. EO-1 can re-organize its own priorities to study volcanic eruptions, flash-floods, forest fires, disintegrating sea-ice—in short, anything unexpected.

(via Backwards City)

Tech Problem?

Dan writes:

For some reason I am completely unable to see your page anymore, the middle table is gone and has been for about a week. I am using a mac with safari and just downloaded firefox and that doesnt work either. did you change something last week, could you reccomend a plug in that may fix my problem? I love your blog and i hate to miss it.



I don’t know what the problem could be since everything is working on every browser I have between my house and work. Is anybody else having a problem such as Dan’s? (Although if you are having the same issue as Dan you won’t be able to see this which could make it one of the most pointless posts in the history of blogging)