1. Lucky for the network Bush can’t run again else they’d have to answer why they aren’t seeking to block attack ads.

    Oh wait…I think there’s a few in Maryland that air on the affiliate and disparagingly link local candidates to Bush…


  2. Hey! My goatse (along with the line that followed: Here’s my own little goatse for NBC) ASCII got fudged!

    Let’s try this…


  3. I can’t quite make out what the guy just before Bush at the end says (Freedom of speech is fine but by god you don’t do it in …). I’m not sure if I even want to know.

  4. You quibble about HTML code while your country moves towards Facsism everyday. No wonder you have an idiot like Bush for President. The man scares me and I am not even an American.

  5. Those same folks who voted for the Dixie Chicks with their anti-war sentiments and extolling the virtues of so-called ‘freedom/protest’ speech also voted for artists that denigrate women, glamorize sex, violence etc. Supposedly these are ‘avant garde’ ideals too! In reality, the vote is a true reflection of the industry’s values. But in the end, what really matters is the bottom line ($$$). And the bottom line is that country music fans won’t buy Dixie Chicks no more! Good luck and goodbye Ditzy Chicks 🙂

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