1. I think it’s sad when some waste of space takes the p. out of MJ Fox, they showed a clip of the stem cell ad on brit tv last night and I was left with the feeling of great respect for the guy.

  2. Stem cell research is fine, but I don’t have much respect for Michael. He is probably interested in finding a cure only becose he has the disease himself.

  3. “He is probably interested in finding a cure only becose he has the disease himself.”

    What? Really? You mean then that all of those people with cancer are concerned about finding a cure only because they have cancer? Or all of those people with diabetes are concerned with finding a cure because they have diabetes? Wow.

  4. Rush Limbaugh must know a lot about faking it. After all,he is a fake.I don’t recall any celebrities coming out and making fun of his erectile dysfunction or his addition to OC. Celebrities have class something that Limbaugh obviously is missing.

  5. So I guess you don’t have respect for anyone with Parkinsons. Here is a guy donating his time and effort to support a cure which is most certainly too late to help him. A guy that fights just to say a few words or walk across a room, that gives his time freely when he could live a private life away from the stares and looks of pity. A guy that has to explain to his four children that he is powerless to stop the disease that is withering away thier father. And, you dont respect him because he is too self-serving. So, tell us, what disease, that you are completely un-affected by do you do the most charity work for?

  6. Look people. Faking it or not, this guy deserves a ton of respect and sympathy. He is fighting for a cause that most STUPID AMERICANS are against because they think you have to kill to get stem cells. Faking it or not, this guy had a brillian career. He was a good actor by most standards. And all of that was stripped from him by this disease. randpost is an idiot who seems to think all people who want to do something for themselves are selfish bastards.

  7. … This is all just so much media focus on big faces.

    … The debate is about changing the State constitution of Missouri to protect stem-cell research. It is already being done, in Missouri and everywhere else… But some fear it could be banned, I guess.

    … Changing a state constitution is a huge deal, and to protect something that isn’t, and is not likely to be, illegal, any time soon is madness.

    … Forget Rush, forget Micheal J. It’s about something a lot bigger than that.

    … Cheers.

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