Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time

From Retrocrush:

When I was growing up, most of the kids in my neighborhood were fairly uncreative. Instead of thinking long and hard about what you wanted to be for Halloween, you’d run with your parent to the store at the last minute, and grab a prepackaged costume made by Ben Cooper or Collegeville of some famous character. Superheroes, Monsters, and Star Wars characters were usually the favorites, but every now and then you came across a few gems that really made you scratch your head.


  1. I wore a store-bought Pac-Man costume to my 1st grade Halloween Day at the height of the Pac-Man craze. It was basically a yellow happy-face mask (with an inexplicable tongue) along with a yellowish, highly flammable, vinyl smock. Another kid in my class (whose dad was an engineer) showed up in a masterful, authentic side-view, yellow press-board Pac Man costume that covered his whole body and animatronically ate real pellets. He asked if I was “some kind of a yellow fish.” I can still hear the Pac-Man death sound effect in my head.

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