Why Does Orange Juice Taste So Bad After Brushing Your Teeth?

It’s a question you may never have asked, but if you’ve ever brushed your teeth before you’ve had a glass of juice, you’ll know why we had to seek professional advice.

David Cannell is the scientific spokesperson for Questacon, “It’s because of a certain ingredient in toothpaste called sodium laurel sulfate. It actually blocks sweet sensors. All the other taste bud cells in your mouth are firing away nicely, but the receptors which pick up the sweet sensors are not working anymore. Not only does it block the sweet sensors, it enhances the sour and bitter, so you get this massive influx of sour and bitter taste coming through the mouth.”


  1. SLS is also irritating to gums (or if you have mouth sores), so I use Biotene (no SLS)… hey, I should experiment with orange juice!

  2. Oh, for real! That new Crest mouthwash knocks out your tastebuds for hours! NOTHING tastes right! If you’re going on a dinner date, don’t use it…you will not enjoy your meal!

  3. ANother mystery solved. Great! Now if they could only solve the age old mystery of why a cigarette tastes so bad after eating a few handfulls of Cheeze Doodlez, we may all be heading for culinary Nirvana.

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