1. Courtesy? Ah, c’mon. Courtesy? Ah, c’mon. Courtesy? Courtesy? Ah, c’mon. Ah, c’mon. Ah, c’mon. Ah, c’mon. Courtesy? Ah, c’mon.

  2. I used to work for a retail discount clothing emporium during High School and the first years afterwards. When I was 20, they offered me a management job, after starting out stocking shoes. I passed it up to join the army. Today, I teach English in Thailand/ Had I taken the management offer I would have stepped through the BS to higher and higher levels and would probably be a Regional manager now. The company quadroupled in size after I left it and they really were a good employer, especially when you had worked yourself up a bit. So today I would be languidly pulling down 6 figures per year for 40- hours of work per weeek. I’m not saying that FF jobs are keen but believe it or not, they do offer real opportunities to move up based on your ability and effort. Nobody accuses MacDonalds of being a political place. Nothing succeeds like success. I’m not saying I did the wrong thing by going off to the army but It wouldn’t have been that bad for me if I had stayed in retail. It seems demeening but most entry level jobs are. MacDonalds is a valid employer and no, not everybody there makes minimum wage. Just a thought.

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