Imprisoned on a Deserted Island


PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, September 29, 2006 – A young Trinidadian who was sentenced to one year on a deserted island by the Maldives government has been released and now back home.

The intriguing tale told by the Trinidad Guardian newspaper this morning is of the intervention of Minister of Foreign Affairs Knowlson Gift, who resigned this week, to get the Trinidadian released…

…The young man having confessed to having sex was sentenced to one year on a deserted island. He was dropped off there and periodically would be taken food and water but it was up to him to survive as best as he could.



  1. I am from maldives and this is absolutely not true, there was a practice of banishing criminals to island community where he has to work and earn and contribute to community but in recent years due to social issues rising from violent criminals being sent to rural communities mostly criminals are imprisoned in jail whish is on seperate isalnd.

  2. How’s this for a punishment? Send both him and the girl to the island for a year alone together. Would have frightened me out of both my marriages, well maybe one of them.

  3. Well, under sharia she should be stoned. He would be released since she doesn’t have 3 witnesses.

    God wrote it, I believe it, that settles it.

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