The Women of Star Trek

This page was born because of my righteous anger at Trek “fans” who repeatedly talk about “Playboy Kirk” or the Star Trek “Babes” in an appallingly sexist way. Here’s proof that Kirk was NOT a playboy and Star Trek was NOT a sexist show. It was an anti-sexist show: one of the first, and one of the all-time best.

From now on, when anyone rolls into the Trek fan forum, spits their gum out onto the floor, and oafishly declares that Kirk was a heterosexual horndog who porked all of the chicks, I want you all to boldly and confidently SCOFF at them. Scoff also if they say that all the TOS women were bimbos in miniskirts who were nothing but eye-candy. The only proper reaction to such ill-informed opinions is round, sound scoffery… as I herein demonstrate.

(via SF Signal)


  1. Nope. I don’t see any evidence here of Star Trek not being a show about babes in space. Kirk probably had (or at least kissed) more hot women on that show than a normal geek like me has acumulated in a lifetime. Yes, granted my score chart would be pathetically low, but you have to take into consideration that Kirk’s exploits as we know them all take place during a small part of a five year mission. And in space, no less. I live in a European capital. And during my handsome youth I probably went out a lot more than Kirk gets to do where he is. And yet I have never been kissed by a hot ’60s android babe. Regardless of how many times I have saved the universe. It’s all relative. Star Trek is a show about babes in space. Which is great!

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