Close-up Lightning Picture

From the Daily Mail:

When the sky darkened and lightning began to flash, Kane Quinnell grabbed his new digital camera, hoping to snap some pictures of the approaching storm.

Not having a tripod, he balanced the camera on his car, parked under the carport of his then Old Toongabbie home, and aimed the lens southward.

It never occurred to Mr Quinnell that his new hobby – photographing storms – could be dangerous.

“In the north you could see a few stars and it wasn’t raining,” he recalled.

“The storm looked like it was five to 10 kilometres to the south. I thought it was perfectly safe to be outdoors, taking photos.”

After setting the camera for a four-second exposure he began shooting pictures, suspecting there was little chance of lightning flashing while the shutter was open.

“I hit the button … and there was nothing. I hit the button again … and nothing. On about the fourth attempt I hit the button again and I saw this lightning and heard the thunder.

(via A Welsh View)