1. I recognized Jackson Pollack’s….but it just goes to show you: this crap they call “art” nowadays is just something that allows one person to act culturally superior to those who don’t “get it.” Guess what? I don’t get any of this crap, because it’s CRAP.

  2. I see great potential in the work of Ian Ford. Our institute is always looking for fresh talent, and we will be keeping an eye on his progress throughout puberty.

  3. Like Erudite, above, I got caught out on the preeschooler pics. On the other hand, the photos were small and not that great – maybe I would still be “fooled” if they were big, but I doubt it.

    McGee is full of it, though. Inverted snobbery sux.

  4. I wonder what the elephant was thinking when it painted. What inner turmoil did he give shape to in his canvas? All joking aside, I’m amazed the elephant painted anything at all and in colors to boot. I thought elephants were color blind. Clearly a gifted animal.

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