Blog Maintenance and RSS Feeds

I spent most of my weekend migrating from Movable Type to WordPress. Movable Type has been the blogging software behind Cynical-C for the last three years and worked fine for two of them. However after 3 years, 5,747 entries and 12,430 comments, it seemed that Movable Type just wasn’t able to keep up. Posting an entry and commenting took much too long and rebuilding the site when I changed the template was near impossible. Several people recommended WordPress to me so I thought I would give it a try. So far I am quite happy with it and have turned on caching so that they dynamic pages wouldn’t kill my server. I’ll probably have to do some more tweaking but it’s a learning experience so that’s to be expected.

If you are using RSS Feeds with Cyn-C, they may not work anymore. I’ve decided to do the RSS Feed through Feedburner which will still have full content.


  1. Yeah, I had to disable categories in Movable Type because it was just another layer of pages that needed to be rebuilt.

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  2. Nice! I noticed right away, and was pleasently surprised. I have no idea about wordpress or the other one, so this is just a “nice job” comment.

    Nice Job.

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  3. Chris, this looks really great! Kudos for the using wordpress – I’ve been nothing but impressed by their platform.

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  4. Must admit – I’ve only used WP for a week now and like it better – there are a few things that I thought MT did better but on the whole WP wins..

    At least you were able to keep your archives. I’m going having to pick mine out of whats left in the db..

    (and a big thanks for the help BTW)

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