1. People shouldn’t answer phones in class (most Profs tell you at the beginning of the year not to do it). I think the Professor was right on the mark with how to handle it.

  2. Pretty sure that this is staged, my one of my psychology (or was it sociology) lecturers did exactly the same thing once.

    He waited until the end of the lecture to announce that it was staged, and was a demonstration of coercing people into listing to what you are saying.

  3. That was probably staged. The cameraman was using a tripod (and not very well) which explains the straight pans and jerky direction changes. Plus, if for whatever reason, someone was taping the lecture for study purposes, the last thing they’re going to do is zoom in on someone talking on a cell phone.

  4. Yeah, I think it’s staged. Though I have no objections if it was real. In my one class, these two girls constantly text message one another back and forth the entire time, and not only is it annoying, it’s distracting. All you can here is the click click click of their buttons.

    But it’s a huge class and the professor doesn’t see it happen. I’d love to see him smash their phones.

  5. Sorry. As a college student who always silences his phone when it’s appropriate to do so, and hates seeing so many people “forget” and then even answer their phones in class or in the library (it’s almost uncomprehensible how inconsiderate people can be), I think destroying property is out of the question. This was most likely staged, but if it wasn’t, shame on the professor.

    I had one who made students get up and dance to their ringtones (which are always music, not ringy noises) when their phones went off in class. People remembered to set them to vibrate.

  6. I would have kicked the kid out of class for good!! The sheer disrespect for authority these days. One word from the kid and I would have stuck my foot in his mouth too!

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