1. I work at a vet and I have seen a few cats like that… its a pain in the ass to give them food and water without them ripping off your arm.

  2. Has anyone encounter the internet prank that asks you to stare at a picture or to look at something for a while, only to have something pop up with a hideous screech? That feline has the screech.

  3. I’m sure the so to say reporter is holding a dead animal (probably a cat) on one of her hands. Plus, it’s funny this cat does not shake its tail: mine does when she switches on to “attack mode”.

  4. I don’t know whether to laugh my arse off or feel completely horrible for that cat. It does have some serious vocal capabilities though. Wasn’t he is Judas Priest?

  5. I can’t stop coming back to this! I almost pissed my pants. Lol. I realy do feel bad for the cat, but that audio is too F’n funny! Thanks for posting.

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