• iv

    heres a comment funny monkey

  • Monkeyman


  • I find this video completely offensive! It’s a travesty, sham, and a catastrophe. Why, it’s a traveshamastrophe!

    Your best friend

  • bongo

    Cheeky Monkey!

  • Jeff

    I guess this is one way of generating comments….

  • pvc

    Lieberman supporter lashes out at moonbat islamofascist anti-semitic blogger.

  • (sigh) I just love monkeys.

  • crunchy

    Very humerous! Of course, I fell the obligatory sadness for the poor, persecuted dog as well…well, not really…but it is obligatory, so I do. Not.

    Also, the antagonist is a gibbon, one of the family of apes, so not technically a monkey. Awesome tree dwellers, and fun to watch!

  • Power Pop Pat

    They fling poo….

  • OgamiDaigoro

    Funny. Here’s one of an ape doing the same thing…to tigers.