Found Currency Experiment


Last year around this time, I constantly passed loose change in the Quick Chek parking lot in Highland Park, NJ. No one ever thinks of picking up pennies cause they are worthless, but I started to see nickles and dimes on the ground, and I was wondering how much money that would come out to if you picked up all the change you found for a year.

Well, as of May 19th last year, I’ve been picking up any change that I saw on the ground (at the extremely high cost of of my dignity) and now my experiment is coming to an end in a week and a half. It was interesting to see how much change we pass by in a normal day, and it makes you wonder why people don’t pick it up. I assume because it’s massively degrading somehow (see below for my moments of shame), but if you knew that it would accumulate to a decent amount at the end of the year would it still be as degrading of a gesture?

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  1. I’ve been doing that for four years now, stuffing the loot into Altoids tins and currently have over $100.

    People don’t even pick up dimes in Boston anymore! My gain, their loss.

  2. In middle school, we used to throw coins across the playground and this one kid would chase them like a dog. I used to flash him a quarter and then throw a penny. Purgatory, here I come.

    In thirty years, people won’t even pick up singles.

  3. I always pick up any coins I see on the ground- for reasons of senseless yet compelling superstition rather than thriftiness:

    Find a penny, pick it up
    And all the day you’ll have good luck;
    See a penny, leave it lie
    And to good luck you’ll say goodbye.

  4. I know a similar rhyme:

    “See a penny, pick it up
    Pass it on to bring good luck”

    People who know me are now used to me forcing random fuond change on them. However, if it’s above 5p it’s mine. Hey, it’s no longer a penny 🙂

  5. Friend of mine does that in the UK and puts the money into a bank account for his daughter. Obviously Americans are better at holding on to their change than we are as he tells me he gets between £100 to (his best year) £200.

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