The Twelve Biggest Secrets of Alcoholics Anonymous

Or, What they don’t want you to know.

  • The A.A. failure rate ranges from 95% to 100%. Sometimes, the A.A. success rate is actually less than zero, which means that A.A. indoctrination is positively harmful to people, and prevents recovery. Some tests have shown that even receiving no treatment at all for alcoholism is much better than receiving A.A. treatment:
  • One of the most enthusiastic boosters of Alcoholics Anonymous, Professor George Vaillant of Harvard University, who is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS), showed by his own 8 years of testing of A.A. that A.A. was worse than useless — that it didn’t help the alcoholics any more than no treatment at all, and it had the highest death rate of any treatment program tested — a death rate that Professor Vaillant himself described as “appalling”. While trying to prove that A.A. treatment works, Professor Vaillant actually proved that A.A. kills. After 8 years of A.A. treatment, the score with Dr. Vaillant’s first 100 alcoholic patients was: 5 sober, 29 dead, and 66 still drinking.
  • The A.A. dropout rate is terrible. Most people who come to A.A. looking for help in quitting drinking are appalled by the narrow-minded atmosphere of fundamentalist religion and faith-healing. The A.A. meeting room has a revolving door. The therapists, judges, and parole officers (many of whom are themselves hidden members of A.A. or N.A.) continually send new people to A.A., but those newcomers vote with their feet once they see what A.A. really is.


  1. Ok remember the book “A million Little Pieces”? yeah the one Oprah was promoting before they found out it was not all true

    That is what it was about.

    How AA is a bunch of bullshit.

  2. A.A, is simply a tool to help you beat this disease. Nothing in the world can make you stop if you unless want it or work at it. The “religeous” part of what you say is also innacurate. The prgram says to turn to your “higher power.” Your “higher power” can be God or it could worship an ashtray. What ever helps you personally. It’s also about trying to find some inner peace and what’s wrong with that?

  3. I can’t imagine these statistics could possible be true. I guess I’m more content to rely on my own personal experience with AA, and from that, I contend it can literally save lives – 100%. Mine.

  4. It’s bullshit. It is a cult. It might work for some, but I would imagine moving to Deleware might work for some too. The people there are useless. One of the biggest thing they’re into is using their “disease” to get out of doing anything else with their lives. They get off booze and decide that they don’t need to worry about their family and friends – they need to worry about themselves. Some of these selfish fucks make lives out of it and 10 years into sobriety they are still using that excuse to be worthless sacks of shit.
    And as far as saving lives – they tell you you’ll end up in your grave if you don’t use their program. EVERYONE ENDS UP IN THEIR GRAVE!
    Serious, if you’ve been saved by AA, you probably would have saved yourself, on your own.

  5. I’m stunned by this hostility toward AA. Sure, Bill didn’t get everything right, Darwin didn’t either, but that doesn’t make Evloution a bad idea.

    All you have to do to put the lie to what is being said here is to talk to somebody in AA. Sure most are spiritual, but you’ll generally find them to be some of the nicest folks you could meet.

    I’m going to follow this more carefully because I just don’t understand the hatred being shown. I have no personal experience with anyone being harmed by AA and lots of ‘anecdotal’ evidence for folks being helped.

    Why hate AA? What harm has it done you or anybody you know?



  6. The “facts” stated are absolutely false, and of course no effort is made to support them.

    The question remains, why the attack on AA, which is famous for selfless adherence to one altruistic goal: sobriety. One can only assume that this is in the same category as the Scientologists’s opposition to anti-depressants: they help people who then don’t need to seek a cult.

    Very sad that people would attack AA, one of the very few large organizations in the world that makes NO profit, never attempted to make a profit, and does a tremendous amount of good for millions of people.

  7. Look, if you’re in AA for any length of time, you do get to see that the drop out rate is very high. Some people stay and get sober. Many, many, leave and don’t come back.

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