The Baby Mind Reader

The Museum of Hoaxes has a post up about a man named Derek Ogilive who claims to be a baby mind reader:

This week Channel Five in the UK will begin airing a documentary about Derek Ogilvie, a guy who claims to be a “Baby Mind Reader.” That’s right, he can read the minds of infants and tell desperate parents why their little darlings won’t sleep, or why they’re fussy about eating, or why they cry all the time, etc., etc. The Scotsman has a pretty sympathetic article about him, describing him as a “respected Scottish medium.” The Sunday Times, however, rakes him over the coals much more,

Surfing over to Mr. Ogilvie’s website you can read about the limitations of his powers:

Derek’s abilities though have some limitations. “I have noticed over the years that it’s easier for me to communicate with children who have not yet started talking or maybe just say the odd word. Children who are older and are talking fluently are much harder to connect with telepathically.”

HA! Sucks when the children learn to talk and can verbalize that the guy is full of bullshit. John Edward might have to relinquish his Biggest Douche of the Universe crown.


  1. It would make sense though: you’re born with telephathy, then everyone keeps encouraging you to use your mouth instead of your mind…meanwhile, no one is encouraging you to use your telepathy and it goes away. Like muscle degeneration.

    – D. Ogilvie

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