1. Some are pretty funny – I found myself cringing at a few…

    On a side note, after reading some of the material on that site, I can’t believe the number of seemingly illiterate people in the world.

    Is it wrong that I found the format of those poorly written posts funnier than the content of what they were actually saying? “one time my hott boyfriend and i like went to the store and i like totally farted by him and omigod i was like so about to die and he laughed at me!!!!!!!ONE!@$#@@@!!”

    Kids these days…they don’t know how easy they got it, with their newfangled gadgets and what-not. haha – sorry, I’m a NERRRRRRRRRD…

  2. I am appalled at the illiteracy of these posters. Either these are the rantings of folks in other countries, or I must weep for America’s future. My favorite was “…fell into a big whole of mud. I automatically started balling.” While I am sure the poster meant “bawling,” this is a very saucy read.

    You are people are killing literacy! IM is not an exemption from a basic education!

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