How Not To Do Business on a Message Board

Usually I wouldn’t link to a 44 page thread on a message board but this is too good to pass up. It starts off like this:

I bought these for my truck cuz i was gonna go sfa on it, but decided against it. I think the cheapest you can find these on ebay are like 175. I want $125 + shipping. firm

Where are you located?
Is this the whole axle? Gears only or Gears & shafts?
I’m very interested.


You advertised these at $100 before you changed them to $125.
I paid you $100 +$15 for for shipping several weeks ago.
Bait & switch practices are not allowed on POR.
Please Send me my Gears today.
PS-The Mods have been informed & saved the thread before you modified it

Mr. cdubzon40s becomes a bit belligerent after that prompting the members of the forum to dig up just about everything about him. Addresses, phone numbers, family photos, social security numbers, etc. Hell, they even found yearbook photos. It’s a long read but more entertaining than anything on tv (with the exception of Lost)
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