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Day November 4, 2005

Tiki Mugs Gallery


Wonderful! (if you like tiki. If not it’s probably pretty lame)

I Want it That Way


I’ve been seeing links to this all over the net and finally gave in and checked it out today. Strangely compelling. My favorite part, along with just about everybody else who checks this video out, is the student in the back who is just ignoring them.

Illustrations from Jules Verne’s Voyages Extraordinaires


First, consider the following amazing statistic: there were over four thousand illustrations in Jules Verne’s Voyages Extraordinaires—an average of 60+ illustrations per novel, one for every 6-8 pages of text in the original in-octavo red and gold Hetzel editions. Since the publication of Verne’s first novel in 1863, these Victorian-looking woodcut plates and maps have constituted an integral part of Verne’s early science-fiction tales: to such an extent, in fact, that today most modern French reprints of the Voyages Extraordinaires continue to feature their original illustrations—recapturing the “feel” of Verne’s socio-historical milieu and evoking that sense of faraway exoticism and futuristic awe which the original readers once experienced from these texts.

(via Rashomon)

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