The Trials and Tribulations of the Minutemen in VT

I feel safe knowing these guys are protecting our borders.

Nevertheless, the Minutemen have come to Vermont.

They began scouting out potential sites several weeks ago, poking around this hamlet with a downtown almost directly on the border. It was in Derby Line that they had their first problem with the elusive border. On one scouting expedition, member Bob Casimiro said they became, for a moment, illegal visitors in Canada.

Then came their first official patrol two weekends ago, which was dogged by protesters who assembled downtown and shouted slogans such as “Take your hate out of our state.” The Minutemen had to patrol a bike path away from town, and then — as the Boston Globe reported — got lost and had to ask a local for directions.

Disturbing Deaths in the Literary World

Nice little list.

Honore De Balzac [1799-1850] French Author – Believed to have choked on too much coffee.

Ambrose Bierce [1842-1914?] American Author РDisappeared in Mexico while reporting on the Pancho Villa’s rebellion. May have been murdered by bandits.

Tennessee Williams [1911-1983] American Playwright – Choked on a bottle cap while trying to get hands on some barbiturates.