2005 Winners of the Visions of Science Photo Contest


Salt and Pepper

Visions of Science is a photographic awards scheme organised by Novartis Pharmaceuticals to encourage ongoing discussion about science.

So, what is a Vision of Science? To the judges of the Awards, a Vision of Science is an attention-grabbing image that gives new insight into the world of science and the workings of nature. It may show something never seen before, it may explain a scientific phenomenon, it may illustrate scientific data or it may simply be an image that shows the beauty of science.

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Great Moments in Zero Tolerance History

No, this isn’t from the Onion.

COLONIE — There’s a new drinking policy at Siena College.

No drinking.

Of anything.

Even water. Or iced tea. Or coffee, Red Bull or lemonade. Or vodka or beer, for that matter, in case anybody gets any bright ideas.

According to a policy dated Sept. 17, students are “no longer allowed to consume alcohol or any other beverage in any type of container outside of their townhouse or in any public area on campus.”

College officials maintain the rule is meant to increase security after a spate of off-campus party crashers showed up early this semester, and police responded to noisy gatherings outside student apartments. Some outsiders were arrested for burglarizing apartments during those parties, using the hurly-burly for cover.

Because students weren’t abiding by campus rules to register all outside guests, officials decided they had to crack down to reduce the gatherings. “Safety first, that’s what it’s all about,” Siena spokeswoman Janet Gianopoulos said.

But does the new policy also mean a person who buys a Pepsi in a vending machine on the Loudonville campus and opens it on one of the lush quads is breaking the rules?

Yes, Gianopoulos said. But they can crack open that drink once they reach their residence, she added.

Van Morrison’s Contractual Obligation Album

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog presents: 31 improvised songs from Van Morrison’s Bang Records Contractual Obligation Session

In the great pantheon of contractual obligation records, there is the noisy (Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music), the brassy (Neil Young’s This Note’s For You) and the phony (Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Record).

And then there is Van Morrison’s Bang Records Sessions.

In order to fulfill his obligation to his early solo label Bang Records,Van Morrison sat down in 1967 or so and cranked out 31 songs on the spot, on topics ranging from ringworm to wanting a danish, to hating his record label and a guy named George. Make sure you get past the first few tunes – it takes him a few to get cooking.

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