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Day September 13, 2005

African Rock Python


A picture of them dissecting the python so consider yourself warned.

The snake in this picture had eaten a full grown Impala ewe and, sadly, caught itself in an electric fence.
Over four metres in length, this was a large specimen.

When the python was skinned we found a full grown Impala ewe had just been swallowed.
The python kills its prey by coiling itself around the animal and constricting it. When the animal is dead the python swallows it normally head first. Having swallowed its prey, the snake will find an abandoned burrow or hollow tree in which to hide and digest it’s meal.

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Fantastic Zoology

A graphical interpretation of J.L. Borges “Book of Imaginary Beings”

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A pretty good collection of photos of the director.

Curse of the Ninth

In classical music the curse of the ninth is a fear of a ninth symphony among composers. The evidence of the curse is the surprising number of major composers who died after completing nine symphonies, or even in the course of writing their ninth. Beethoven, Dvořák and Vaughan Williams fall in the former category; Bruckner in the latter. Schubert completed his ninth symphony, but left his eighth unfinished. Schnittke did not finish his ninth symphony, though it was first performed, in unfinished form, less than two months before his death.

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First Triple Asteroid System Found


BERKELEY – One of the thousands of asteroids orbiting the sun has been found to have a mini planetary system of its own.

University of California, Berkeley, assistant research astronomer Franck Marchis and his colleagues at the Observatoire de Paris have discovered the first triple asteroid system – two small asteroids orbiting a larger one known since 1866 as 87 Sylvia.

Why Are the Tops of UPS Trucks Always White?


This is the first time I have heard about this and now I have to spend the morning looking out the window hoping to see a UPS truck pass by.

Often, UPS trucks will park there for extended periods of time, dropping off their packages. I noticed that without exception, all of them have partial or completely white tops. You don’t notice it from the ground, since it’s just the tops of the trucks. Some of them have a single strip down the middle, others are completely white. While the single strip looks like it’s made of a different material than the rest of the roof, the trucks with completely white tops just look, well, painted.

So I began to think about this, and wonder why they might be white. Asking around, I got a few theories, but knew that I needed a definitive answer. Sent UPS email about it, and lo and behold got an answer! Mystery solved? You be the judge..


Brewing Beer from Milk

Can you still add chocolate syrup?

RENNES — A Frenchman who has invented a beer made from fermented milk is selling about 300 bottles of it a week.

His recipe is secret, but it combines 75% milk and 25% malt with the culture used to make kefir, a traditional fermented-milk drink in the mountains of the northern Caucasus.

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