An Interview With Alton Brown


I had kicked around the idea for Good Eats when I was directing commercials,” Brown admits. “I kept thinking, ‘Somebody has to make a food show that is actually educational and entertaining at the same time … a show that got down to the ‘why things happen.’ Plus, I hated my job — I didn’t think it was very worthwhile. The world’s got enough Pampers and retread tires without me.”

Some five years later — plus two years of cooking school, one internship that regularly reduced him to tears, another he likens to joining the military, and a marriage that sustained him through the whole ordeal — Brown is plotting his 100th episode, promoting his first book … and building odd little appliances in his backyard. This includes a smoker he fashioned from a couple of terra cotta flowerpots, an oven rack and a trash can.

Hilarious Domain Name Mispronouncings


There are other classic mispronounced domain names. One is the site, with the unfortunate alternate enunciation of But, since it’s in the performing artist arena, maybe it’s not just a misnomer. Another is, for those looking for California marriage and family therapists. Unfortunately, the wrong clientele might stumble upon the site as And then there is, where you can buy custom pens. However, someone could mistake their site name for something else if they pronounce it


New Word For the Dictionaries

Fe·ma (‘fE-mä)adj 1: foreboding imminent disaster 2: inadequate or unsuited to a purpose to the point of ultimate doom
Nancy’s babysitting job went from bad to fema when she accidentally put the spaghetti O’s in the litterbox and the cat in the microwave.

Fe·ma (‘fE-mä)vb Fe·ma·rized, Fe·ma·rated 1: to bungle, damage or ruin in such a way that people sing songs about your paramount ineptitude for millenia to come
Jack femarized himself by cutting his toenails with a chainsaw while sniffing gold colored spray paint.

Fe·ma (‘fE-mä)n 1: a steaming pile of feces 2: a U.S. government agency used to cause chaos in any emergency situation 3: mother of all clusterfucks
George W. Bush femarized the nation once again with his femarated decision to appoint a failed horse show manager to run FEMA.