Subway Flasher Identified?


I first heard about this on Boing Boing (NSFW) last week and was surprised that The Daily News ran it on the front page.

Here is the latest update on the story:

Cops want to question a Manhattan restaurant owner after getting numerous tips that he’s the subway flasher caught in the act by camera phone, police sources said last night.

Nearly two dozen people have phoned the Daily News and the NYPD to say they believe Dan Hoyt, co-owner of raw-food eateries called Quintessence, is the man whose photo appeared on the cover of Saturday’s paper.

Investigators contacted Hoyt by phone and asked him to come in for an interview, NYPD sources said. No arrests have been made.

Hoyt did not return The News’ calls, and his business partner and ex-wife, Tolentin Chan, said, “It’s not proven yet.”

She said whoever the flasher is, he needs counseling.

“There should be a support center to support these men to find what is the cause of their action instead of …putting them in jail,” she said.

Hoyt and Chan co-own two restaurants, one on E. 10th St. in the East Village and the other on Amsterdam Ave., and are well known in the raw food movement, which calls for serving uncooked food.

The photo appeared in The News after Thao Nguyen, 22, used her cell phone to take a picture of a blond-haired man who exposed and fondled himself on an R train on Aug. 19.

If you google Dan Hoyt and Quintessence you will find a photo of the alleged wanker at the bottom of this site. Sure looks like the same guy to me.

It was the same guy. He turned himself in.
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Camel Spiders


Most people don’t know that the camel spider can also be found in the southwest U.S. and Mexico. While the recent buzz is all about the Middle Eastern camel spider, its North American cousin has no shortage of tall tales. In Mexico, they’re known as matevenados, which means “deer killers.”
The buzz seems to ebb and flow, but before it is over the camel spider will have had is full fifteen minutes and maybe just a little place in history.

And of course, a video of a camel spider eating a lizard. Yikes.

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Unrest Intensifies at Superdome Shelter

From The Guardian:

Fury rose among many of those evacuated. Outside the Convention Center, the sidewalks were packed with people without food, water or medical care, and with no sign of law enforcement. Thousands of storm refugees had been assembling outside for days, waiting for buses that did not come.

At least seven bodies were scattered outside, and hungry, desperate people who were tired of waiting broke through the steel doors to a food service entrance and began pushing out pallets of water and juice and whatever else they could find.

An old man in a chaise lounge lay dead in a grassy median as hungry babies wailed around him. Around the corner, an elderly woman lay dead in her wheelchair, covered up by a blanket, and another body lay beside her wrapped in a sheet.

“I don’t treat my dog like that,” 47-year-old Daniel Edwards said as he pointed at the woman in the wheelchair. “I buried my dog.” He added: “You can do everything for other countries but you can’t do nothing for your own people. You can go overseas with the military but you can’t get them down here.”

Inside The Superdome


‘And Now We Are in Hell’

There are four levels of hell inside the refugee city of the Superdome, home to about 15,000 people since Sunday. On the artificial-turf field and in the lower-level seats where Montrel sat sweltering with her family, a form of civilization had taken hold — smelly, messy, dark and dank, but with a structure. Families with cots used their beds as boundaries for personal space and kept their areas orderly, a cooler on one corner, the toys on another, almost as if they had come for fireworks and stayed too long.

The bathrooms, clogged and overflowing since Monday, announced the second level of hell, the walkway ringing the entrance level. In the men’s, the urinal troughs were overflowing. In the women’s, the bowls were to the brim. A slime of excrement and urine made the walkway slick. “You don’t even go there anymore,” said Dee Ford, 37, who was pushed in a wading pool from her flooded house to the shelter. “You just go somewhere in a corner where you can. In the dark, you are going to step in poo anyway.”

Water and electricity both failed Monday, and three pumps to pressurize plumbing have been no match “when the lake just keeps pushing it back at us,” said Maj. Ed Bush, the chief public affairs officer for the Louisiana National Guard.

“With no hand-washing, and all the excrement,” said Sgt. Debra Williams, who was staffing the infirmary in the adjacent sports arena, “you have about four days until dysentery sets in. And it’s been four days today.”

Bottled water was too precious to use for washing; adults get two bottles a day. Food, mostly Meals Ready-to-Eat, is dispensed in a different line. Many refugees told of waiting in line for hours only to be told no food was left.

Within the skyboxes, on the third level of hell, life was dark 24 hours a day, a place for abandonment and coupling. Also up there was “a sort of speakeasy,” said Michael Childs, who had some beer in an empty Dannon water bottle. “You got to know where to go,” he said, and grinned. “And you just put your bottle under the spigot. It is disgusting in here, and I lost everything I had, and I’m glad to have found a little beer.”

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The LA Times has another story about the Superdome.