Angry CNN Weatherman


You wait your entire career for a storm like this and then the damn anchor won’t let you talk.

BTW, I watched way too much cable news about the storm. Does it make me a bad person when I kept wishing for any of the reporters who were out in the middle of the storm while telling people NOT to be out in the middle of the storm to have a roof fall on top of them?

The Sandwich Project

Want a recipe for a sandwich? Try The Sandwich Project.

Hot Sex on Toast

What’s in it? Toast the bread, butter quickly while still hot with vitalite and add a seperated 4 finger Kit-Kat (and optional 5th finger for purists). Add top slice and allow chocolate to melt slightly. Enjoy hot sex on toast.

What should we know? This will keep you going till lunch

Bread Type? White Warburtons Toastie (toasted)


Hitchcock Quotes

Ahhhh Hitchcock.

When an actress asked Hitchcock if her right or left profile was better, he told her, “My dear, you’re sitting on your best profile.”

To a woman who complained that the shower scene so frightened her daughter that the girl would no longer shower:
“Then Madam I suggest you have her dry cleaned.”

“The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder”

(via The Guabancex Blog)

How To Make A Gyro Cooker


I enjoy good gyro meat in sandwiches or in a greek salad. There’s a good place near the office (with a surly owner) that makes pretty good stuff. For those that don’t know, gyro meat is cooked on a vertical skewer and cooked with radiated heat. As the meat browns, the outer meat is sliced off and served.

One day, my co-worker Yoshi mentioned that Alton Brown of Good Eats had discussed making gyros. I love Alton Brown and if he said it could be done, then I could do it. Yoshi mentioned that his plan kinda sucked because it wasn’t cooked by the traditional method of a rotisserie. At that point I decided to build my own gyro cooker.


A Hurricane Hunter’s Photo Album


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly inside a hurricane or typhoon? Well, I’ve been there and done that! Way back in the early 1980’s, I was a navigator in the U.S. Air Force, flying WC-130 weather reconnaissance aircraft. My first assignment was as a “Typhoon Chaser”, based on the tropical island of Guam. Then I became a “Hurricane Hunter”, and lived in Biloxi, MS. On some missions, I brought along a camera – you can see the results in the following pages.