1001 Things to do With

Liquid Nitrogen.

LN2 also works great for sweeping and cleaning hard floors such as concrete or wood.
Get a couple liters in a container, and dump it on the floor in the direction
you want the debris to travel. It picks up everything in it’s wave and if it hits a wall,
the wave will boil off and deposit the junk there. Now all you have to do is go
around the perimeter and sweep up the clutter.

The Unheard Beethoven

While several hundred of these works have been recorded on one medium or another, there still remain literally hundreds of other works which have never been recorded at all, or which have never been published in widely available editions or in some cases, never published at all! There are thus hundreds of Beethoven works which, until now, have been available only to scholars and specialists.

This website endeavors to make all of Beethoven’s unrecorded music readily accessible to the public. Now YOU may judge for yourself as to whether these pieces deserve a wider hearing and the ability to join the repertoire.

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