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Day May 26, 2005

Deceased Live Journal Users

A Live Journal Community listing deceased LJers. Touching and sad.

My Birthday


I’m 31 today but don’t feel a day older than 36 🙂

Vegetable Rights Militant Movement

I have been trying to convince my vegetarian friends about this for years.

The Vegetable Rights Militant Movement (VRMM) is a nationally active, grassroots, vegetable liberation and defense organization. The VRMM differs from other vegetable activist organizations in that it really does all that it can to stop people from torturing, killing, humiliating, and ultimately eating vegetables and fruits.

The VRMM has grown from a small group to a large, multi-national militia that fights unceasingly for the liberties of each and every fruit and vegetable. There are plenty of people to look out for animals already, but fruits and vegetables have only recently had humans on their side, thanks to the VRMM.

(via pavandeep)

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