Operation Mongoose

Another wonderful moment in American History. Let’s have the CIA work with the Mafia to assassinate Castro. What could go wrong?

The pressure was so great that it led to one of the most controversial and grotesque chapters in presidential history: the hiring of the Mafia to help assassinate Castro. Though the details are murky and RFK’s involvement has never been proven, it went something like this. CIA operatives, aware that the Mob was eager to renew the profitable gambling business it enjoyed under the Batista regime, hired Mafia hitman Johnny Rosselli to kill Castro. If this wasn’t sordid enough, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover learned of the plot from FBI surveillance of Mob boss Sam Giancana, who just happened to share a mistress with John Kennedy. These machinations have provided much of the fuel behind various conspiracy theories of John Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas in 1963.


  1. As my high school history teacher once said, the greatest thing president Kennedy ever did was get assassinated. With shenanigans like this & the Bay of Pigs, history wouldn’t have been kind to him otherwise.

  2. “the greatest thing president Kennedy ever did was get assassinated.”

    How true that is. His Presidency would have been remembered very much differently if not for Dallas – and by differently, I don’t mean good. It likely would have eclipsed the Nixon fiasco.

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