1. I dont understand why you guys are hating on Ashlee let her be, first you love her now you hate her is your life that misereable that you have to try & destroy someone elses. Every one lip sings why hasnt anyone protested about Mrs. Spears. STOP BEING HATERS & GET A LIFE!!

  2. First of all who is this “we”, that you are refering to?
    Secondly, I certainly never loved her, I don’t even like her. Although, I am facinated by her utter lack of talent. But her sister is even more of a train wreck, in my opinion.
    My dog has more charm, sophistication and talent than both of them combined. He is even better looking. If you are so concerned about getting your opinion across, maybe you shouldn’t be such a coward and actually leave an e-mail address.

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