The Webtender


Select the ingredients you have in your bar from this rather large list of ingredients. This list is created from all ingredients used in more than one or two drinks.

When you finish your selection, go to the bottom of the page and click the “Generate List of Drinks” button. The Webtender will then generate a list of all drinks possible to make from your selection of ingredients. If you click “Pick Random”, one of the drinks you can make will be selected for you.
You can also set how accurate the match should be. The accuracy is measured in number of ingredients you miss to make a drink.

Modern Mummification


How elaborate. I don’t really care too much what happens to my body after I die. You could kick me around in the street like Mussolini for all i care however I would prefer cremation.

Once again, Mummification is available. A very thorough, detailed, yet gentle process that allows one to be memorialized for eternity, Mummification is the only form of Permanent Preservation. The rites of Mummification allow you to leave this life in as beautiful a manner as possible.

Summum’s in depth research, experience, and knowledge in realms of both science and esoterica has resulted in Modern Mummification: a synthesis of medical technology, modern chemistry, and magnificent art. Still, the Summum process of Mummification includes traditional wrappings in fine cloth (embroidered, representing your personal philosophy or religion).

(via Memepool)

Turkish Star Wars

6934.jpgOh man, I have heard of Turkish Star Wars but I haven’t seen it until now. IFILM has a few clips of it and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint. The movie isn’t really a remake of Star Wars but uses a lot of footage from it. It also has music from Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and for some reason Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Hey at that point why not throw in the music from Jaws too.) How bad is the movie? Think of a less-talented Ed Wood directing it.

Star Wars Trilogy DVD Review

This was on Slashdot this morning and is quite good. It is a massive review of the new Star Wars dvds that just came out. Well worth a read if you are a Star Wars fan. I especially liked the section labeled Why Darth Vader Is The Hands-Down Most Fearsome Movie Villain of All Time:

He will walk straight into the sites of ferocious battles, just minutes after they’ve been settled. Be it Hoth or Princess Leia’s ship, the guy is not afraid to get his hands dirty and bat clean-up.

He can wear a cape and still inspire fear and dread.

He can alter a deal multiple times on Billy Dee Williams.

He’ll slice off his son’s right arm, throw appliances at him, then watch him plummet down a giant hole, all while undiplomatically breaking some big family news.

The guy will leap into a TIE fighter himself and enter the heat of interstellar battle, flanked by only a couple of pilots, who, as the records show, have an excellent chance of flying into each other.