Satellite Built via The Internet


From the European Space Agency:

Scattered in universities across Europe, a 250-strong team of students have never collectively met in person, but between them they have built a space-ready satellite. SSETI Express is currently being integrated in an ESA cleanroom for a planned launch in May next year.

Collaboration between the pan-European network of students, universities and experts involved in the Student Space Education and Technology Initiative (SSETI) has been carried out via the internet.

Like a Russian doll, SSETI Express will carry inside it three smaller ‘cubesats’ – 10-centimetre cube technology testers built respectively by universities in Germany, Japan and Norway – for deployment when in orbit. The main SSETI Express satellite itself will test and characterise a propulsion system, return images of the Earth and serve as a transponder for amateur radio users.

SSETI Express measures just 60 by 60 by 70 cm across, small enough to piggyback its way to orbit on next year’s commercial Cosmos DMC-3 launch from Plesetsk in Russia.

What Not To Bring While Attending Bob Jones University

To help incoming students, Bob Jones University has a list of things you can and cannot bring when you move into the residence halls.

What Not to Bring

  • Posters of movie and music stars and fashion models are not permitted. The subjects of personal photos
    should exhibit the modesty and appropriate physical contact we expect from our students.
  • Music must be compatible with the University’s music standards:
    • New Age, jazz, rock, and country music is not permitted.
    • Contemporary Christian music is not permitted (e.g., Michael W. Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman,
      WOW Worship, and so forth).
  • Televisions and DVD/videocassette players are not permitted in the residence halls; computer DVD players may not
    be used to view movies.
  • You may not possess or play computer and video games rated T, M, or A or having elements of blood and
    gore, sensual or demonic themes, or featuring suggestive dress, bad language, or rock music.
  • Due to space considerations, appliances such as mini-refrigerators and microwaves are not permitted in
    residence hall rooms. A refrigerator for medical-related needs and microwaves are provided in each
    residence hall.
  • Residence hall students may not watch videos above a G rating when visiting homes in town and may not
    attend movie theaters.
  • All weapons must be turned in for storage. Trigger locks are required for pistols. Fireworks are not
    permitted on campus.

So you can check your glock at the door but don’t even think about bringing in a copy of Doom 3. Oh Yeah, Bob Jones University was the school that had a rule against interracial dating that they finally ditched in 2000. It’s a very progressive school.

(Thanks Jason)