The Gobbler Motel & Supper Club


You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t book a room in this motel.

This is a brochure taken from the Hartwig Gobbler, a motel-bar-restaurant off I-94 in Wisconsin. The brochure dates from construction, which must have been in the late 60s. But I got the brochure on a trip in March of 1984, and the restaurant was as ghastly then as it is in the pictures. What the current state is, I don’t know. Internet searches pull up no mention of this classic – although the architect, the flamboyantly named, echt-60s multi-material genius Helmut Ajango, still has a practice in the area.

I am curious if this motel is still there. If anybody from Wisconsin knows about The Gobbler, leave a message in the comments to let us know. (Tom, this one is up your alley)