Anne Rice Strikes Back

If you go to any review on, you almost always find a good mix of people from those who hated a particular novel to those who love it. Do authors take any of these negative reviews from readers to heart? If you are Anne Rice you do. She had a few things (more like an essay) to say about the negative reviews that customers were giving her novel Blood Canticle.(The Vampire Chronicles) Her statement is at the bottom of this page (but I don’t know how long the link will last) labeled Anne Obrien Rice. If you can’t find it there try here.

Is it common for an author, especially one as prolific as Anne Rice, to answer bad reviews on Amazon?

First off, let me say that this is addressed only to some of you, who have posted outrageously negative comments here, and not to all. You are interrogating this text from the wrong perspective. Indeed, you aren’t even reading it. You are projecting your own limitations on it. And you are giving a whole new meaning to the words “wide readership.” And you have strained my Dickensean principles to the max. I’m justifiably proud of being read by intellectual giants and waitresses in trailer parks,in fact, I love it, but who in the world are you?

One thing I have to say is this is the most riveting thing I have read from her since Interview With A Vampire. Oh, and she gave her book 5 stars. HA!

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